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Postby Rab on Thu Nov 25, 2010 8:52 pm

health4ni wrote:^^ I guess that is what you have found whilst wearing them. I'm not so sure he is talking bollocks though with his experience and many clients.

You are actually wise to use them though since AAS will increase muscular strength faster than ligament/tendon strength (and bone density), which will increase the risk of damage to the joints.

For sure. Need to be careful and ive sadly learned the hard way :(

Im still adament on what he says is bollocks on wrist wraps. common sense tells you so. ANyone who has skinny wrists and is using 60-80kg db's will knowbout this. The difference is night and day and as you ge stronger loan behold your wrist also do as long as your not using them from the warm up sets im guessing
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