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Re: Food & Supplement Journal

PostPosted: Fri Dec 10, 2010 12:38 pm
by Alex
Chicken seems to be only thing I can stomach right now since my bug a few weeks ago. Red meat isn't a problem but I try not to eat too much but I have gone right off fish.

Rab, I'm holding back on my eating at the moment which is hard as I feel hungry more often than not and feels like I'm under eating. I think it look more on paper than in reality given that the protein from shakes is fairly minimal and the rest is from whole food. I've been running low carb and higher protein through most of the year so figured a break is needed and also that the higher protein is almost wasted as carbs were too low to fully fuel the body and take use the protein available. This is ok over short periods of time but really I dragged this out as far as it could go and a little over but given recent events it has helped me to keep hold of conditioning and strength so in that respect it's served quite well.

So yes, more mass back on but very slowly as to keep conditioning which so far I'm managing.

Jules, I don't in the morning but do in the evening.

Re: Food & Supplement Journal

PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 10:00 am
by Alex
A couple of small adjustments as I've been fettling.

Scrambled Egg is now with 2 whole eggs and 100ml whites as I'm getting more than enough fat content first thing. I'm also adding in 1 chopped tomato so this makes the mixture higher in volume and does a far better job of filling me up. At the moment I'm having this on a slice of wholemeal but will but this out as the bread goes soggy and will go with 1/2 flapjack instead of the granola.

I've kept the other 1/2 flapjack at Elevenses but cut the PWO Meal one out as the pasta is enough here.

Other slight adjustment is the Pre Bed Meal where I've changed quantities of Pea and Rice Protein to match the Hemp at 1x50cc Scoop although I've happily reduce or leave out Pea altogether due to it's after taste so I'm hoping BSD's reduced tasting Pea Protein makes an appearance.

Overall the changes have been good and found that the carb increase hasn't had any negative effect on conditioning and energy levels are improved mainly I'd say to good carb sources and cutting out impact types of carbs after 5pm while increasing good fats in their place.