The Dark Side - Please Read Before Posting

This forum has been provided for Information Purposes ONLY. The idea is to share,learn and educate on this area and not, in anyway, to promote or condone the use of any performance enhancing substances. ESN believe that by not having such a forum would merely be ignoring a very important yet controversial subject within the Sports and Fitness arena today.

The Dark Side - Please Read Before Posting

Postby admin on Tue Jun 03, 2008 10:24 am

The purposes of the Dark Side is to educate and inform members of the pros and cons of chemical sports enhancement.

We at ESN and our sponsors Bulk Supplements Direct do not condone drug use in sports and the provision of this subject within our forum is for information only.

We do not warrant, guarantee or accept liability for the accuracy or use of the information contained within this forum.

Please note that the following is expressly forbidden and any transgression will result in the posts being deleted and the possible banning of members who infringe these rules:

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Discussion on prices

Brands or Supplier Spamming
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