Pro Snowboader training

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Pro Snowboader training

Postby health4ni on Wed May 11, 2011 1:57 pm

My Pro Snowboarder client has finished for the season now (although would you believe found some snow in Austria so is away again for a week). Did a Prowler session with her two weekends ago and she joined me for my training session on 8th May.

On Fri 6th May I wanted to see where her strength was with regards to deadlifting. Here's the result:

Body weight is 63kg. She hasn't deadlifted properly since late summer 2010, so this is good. I think a double bodyweight deadlift in a few months time would be all that is required max strength wise. By then hopefully Aimee will be ~60kg, so a 120kg would be good.

Also, her form is great on a max lift. Form will always deteriorate on a 1RM lift so I'm happy with this.
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