Front Squat Holds

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Front Squat Holds

Postby health4ni on Tue Feb 08, 2011 1:58 pm

Bret Contreras wrote:Front Squat Holds

This might be the toughest core exercise I do! It works the hell out of my upper back and core musculature. I believe it transfers over to the deadlift very well and helps you stay more upright via increased thoracic extensor strength. The trick is to avoid leaning backward. Stay in neutral and make it hard! When I do full front squats I can only work my way up to 275 lbs. With the holds I’m able to use 405+ lbs.


If you want to be a strong squatter and especially a strong deadlifter, you better have super strong thoracic extensors. I’m pretty convinced that most lifter’s weak link in deadlifting strength is their t-spine extension strength. In other words, their hip and knee extensors are capable of doing more, but the ability of the t-spine to hold an arch limits what the hips can do. For t-spine extension strength, you can do thoracic extensions, front squat holds, front squats, and all types of deadlifts.

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