****************** ESN Pro Forum Rules *******************

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****************** ESN Pro Forum Rules *******************

Postby admin on Tue May 06, 2008 10:15 am

The ESN Pro forums were created to bring about a central point for individuals interested in Exercise, Sports and Nutrition. With this in mind, and with the advent of the boards new sponsors Bulk Supplements Direct, please take note of the forum rules.

Forums are for sharing knowledge and information; ESNPro reserve the right to remove \ edit any post that is deemed offensive. Racism, sexism and any other offensive issues will be appropriately dealt with by the Moderation team.

Please do NOT post any advertisements of "other" products \ companies unless approval has been obtained from "Admin" or members of the Moderation team.

Please refrain from discussing any illegal activities on the board. Such occurrences will be removed without notification.

Forums are a place for interesting debate. We encourage this but please be mindful of your manner and how you respond to your fellow users (if in doubt, leave it out). Any posts that are deemed rude \ insulting will be removed without notice.

Please refrain from using swear words. A continuous abuse of this rule will result in a ban

Please do not use text speak.

Any form of sponsorship \ advertising MUST be cleared by "Admin" or members of the "Moderator" team.

Private Message system on the forum is used to exchange information in PRIVATE. Abuse of this system in any way will result in an instant ban (spamming, advertising, competitor links etc.)

The ESN Pro Moderator team reserve the right to remove ANY post should they feel that they are against the nature and ethos of this Board.

All users are required to place a post in INTRODUCTIONS section briefly highlighting their background. This serves to inform other forum members about yourself and allows better user integration. !

Finally, we are here to have fun and share our knowledge, so ENJOY!!!
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