15 minute workouts

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15 minute workouts

Postby cleaver on Thu May 06, 2010 9:43 pm

Looking for ideas you may all have for 15 minute sessions. Can be strength, hypertrophy, or conditioning. No exercise or combo will be overlooked.

Joined another gym on the route to work to save time by going early morning. It means there is no impingement on family life due to our office shift.

Equipment wise it has the following;

Oly platform with BB stands
A jones thingy (3d smith machine)
Up to 50kg DBs
up to 20kg kettlebells
Shedloads of incline / flat benches
BB bench press set up
Startrac machines (lat pull down, row, press, leg curl / ext combi, leg press / calf combi, etc)
2 traditional cable stations
3 startrac multi stations
spinners, rowers, treadmills
loads of medi balls etc
big boxing bag

Inventive suggestions please. Will be looking to do 2 to 5 of these 15 minute sessions a day :D
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Re: 15 minute workouts

Postby Rilla on Thu May 06, 2010 10:12 pm

This workout is done in 15 minutes in and out:

In 15 minutes you can do two big compounds and a warmup if you're really at it. Just pick your poison. :)
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